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Winter Sale! Free Shipping Storewide and Discounts On Select Products!

Superiore RN301GPS_S_ NEXT 30” Panorama Stainless Steel Gas Range with 4 Burners and Convection Oven

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4 gas, gas oven

Range with a contemporary design and an unparalleled level of cooking flexibility thanks to its 4 burner configuration. That is the ideal worktop for its gas oven equipped with 2 convection fans and a broiler.

When beauty is also practical, functional design arises

By virtue of our exclusive design, the oven door embodies our "form-for-function" credo. Apart from its extraordinary strength, the internal surface is fully flush, without screws or gaps for an extra sleek look that guarantees fast and easy cleaning, including comfortable access to the internal glass that can be intuitively removed. In addition, the triple-layered glass door is engineered to grant maximum thermal insulation.

The PANORAMA "widescreen" version gives the kitchen an unmistakable and unique high-tech appeal. The completely clear glass and two powerful halogen lights allow for constant monitoring throughout the cooking process, without any unwanted heat loss from opening the door. Also, it makes it great to look at. All SUPERIORE ranges also have the option to accompany a CLASSIC porthole door, with a window and a heavier duty appeal.

Efficient and flexible power at the chef’s service

Serious performance combined with flexibility and efficiency thanks to two 18,000 BTU power burners, one simmer, one large 11,000 BTU burner, and one medium 6,500 BTU burner. This is HIGHER, where efficiency is made possible by engineering solutions: such as the inclined main burner ports, positioned toward the bottom of the pot to minimize heat loss and the brass burners' unparalleled resistance to heat and aging. All this to deliver perfect cooking and professional results.

The power simmer burner allows having the 750 BTU necessary for gentle simmering. Vice versa for quick water boiling or for wok cooking, the power burners are able to deliver the full power of 18,000 BTU.

The grids guarantee "continuous grating" which means the pot or pan can be moved from one burner to another with no danger of it tipping over; moreover, the distance between the burners and the cast iron grids is engineered to provide excellent heating.

Maximum, flexible power: this is according to functional efficiency HIGHER.

The big and the little things make our ovens great

True to its specialist role in cooking gas, UPPER designs high-end capacity ovens with dimensions of up to 5.7 cu. ft. - 30" and 48" main oven models - a massive capacity which, thanks to two convection fans, guarantees even cooking with up to 6 simultaneous levels, preventing flavor crossover.

It also maintains the optimal moisture point for food, so it is always tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, especially when the gas broiler is used to complete the baking. The remarkable development of these ovens challenged our best engineering skills and our love for food, using complex computer simulations and impressive cooking sessions in the lab.

Great results, together with small details to simplify life, like the easy-to-clean enamel gray finish, which allows for effortless cleaning, and again one set of fully extractable glide shelves for easy access to baking pans through total extraction. Small things that make our ovens great.



  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Style: NEXT Line
  • Decò accents: Steel
  • Fuel: All Gas
  • Installation: Free Standing
  • Version: Duct-out
  • Levels: 1


      • Width: 30"
      • Depth: 24"
      • Height: 38"


      • Design: Squared worktop with bull nose
      • Gas Burners: 4
      • Gas Brass Burners: 4
      • ↳ Power Burner With Simmer (N° 1): 750 -- 18,000 Btu/h (min -- max)
      • ↳ Power Burner (N° 1): 4,750 -- 18,000 Btu/h (min -- max)
      • ↳ Large Burner (N° 1): 2,750 -- 18,000 Btu/h (min -- max)
      • ↳ Medium Burner (N° 1): 2,050 -- 6,500 Btu/h (min -- max)
      • Total Gas Power: 53,500 Btu/h
      • Grates: Cast Iron
      • Ignition: One Hand
      • Gas Safety: Thermocouples
      • Wok Ring: Standard
      • Simmer Ring: Standard
      • Interface: Knob
      • Electric Griddle Type: Cast Iron
      • Backguard: Optional
      • Island Trim: Standard

      Oven Cavity

      • Oven(s): 1
      • Main Oven Type: Gas Convection Oven with Gas Grill
      • Oven Functions
      • Oven Convection Fans: 2
      • Overall Cavity Volume: 5.7 cu.ft
      • Main Interior Dimension (WxDxH): 24" 13/64 x 19" 57/64 x 20" 31/64
      • Enamel: Easy to Clean
      • Enamel Color: Light Grey
      • Oven Control Device: Analog Thermometer
      • Maximum Cooking Temperature: 500 °F
      • Cooling Fan: Standard
      • Door Type: Fully Flush
      • Door Design: Panorama
      • Glasses: 3
      • Oven Lights: 2


      • Telescopic Glide Shelves: 1 set
      • Main Oven Wire Shelves: 2
      • Enamelled Trays: 1
      • Trivet: 1


      • Feet: Stainless Steel Adjustable
      • Stainless Steel Toekick: Optional

      Connections and Warranty

      • Gas Adjustment: Natural Gas - Standard
      • Gas Adjustment: LPG: Standard accessory- Model RN301GPS_SL
      • Voltage: 120 V
      • Frequency: 60 Hz
      • Certification: CSA, Star-K
      • Warranty: 2 years

      Assembly Manual

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