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Winter Sale! Free Shipping Storewide and Discounts On Select Products!
Winter Sale! Free Shipping Storewide and Discounts On Select Products!

Capital Cooking MCOR304 30" All Gas Culinarian Range

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Fuel Type: Liquid Propane

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Experience the power and performance of a restaurant-style range in your home.

One look at the powerful open burners of Capital's Culinarian ranges and range tops, and you'll see the difference. Concentric rings of 94 flames provide an even distribution of heat, from the center out, for different and consistent simmers to searing high heat. Packed with an impressive 25,000 BTUs of power on each burner, the Culinarian will boil a gallon of water in record time or simmer the most delicate sauces. It lets you sear like a professional and smoothly adjust to all temperatures in between. Chefs say that high heat is the key when cooking many dishes: this is where the competition falls short and the Culinarian excels.

Choose the configuration of open burners, grill, and/or griddle plates for the cooking surface that best suits your cooking style.


As fellow cooking aficionados, we also appreciate and pay attention to the details both small and large. We strive to make your cooking experience gratifying, and the aesthetics enviable. These are a few of the details that set us apart.

Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch AlphaFlame™ Open Burner

AlphaFlame™ Open Burner

With an unsurpassed 25,000 BTUs, the 96 port AlphaFlame™ burner can take your cooking from the lowest of simmers to the quickest of boils.

FineTouch™ Small Pan Burner

Ideal for smaller pans or for an extra low simmer, one small pan burner is included on each open top range and range top.

Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch FineTouch™ Small Pan Burner
Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch Power-Wok™ Grate

Power-Wok™ Grate

The Culinarian wok grate switches out with any standard burner grate on the cooktop when in use. Made with a matte porcelain, it is commercial-quality, will fit most wok sizes, shields the chef from heat and is easy to clean.

Thermo-Griddle Plate™

Our 3/8″ thick thermostatically controlled stainless steel griddle plate gives precise control over the griddle area, won’t rust, and doesn’t pre-conditioning.
12″ – 18,000 BTUs/hr.
24″ – 24,000 BTUS/hr.

Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch Thermo-Griddle Plate™
Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill

With 18,000 BTUs/hr or 36,000 BTUs/hr, this indoor grill sears at up to 1,200ºF. Bring outdoor grilling indoors with variable temperature control on our two-sided TruSide™ channeling grates and our hybrid ceramic radiants encased in stainless steel.

Stay-Cool™ Knobs

Heavy duty, die cast, chrome-plated metal knobs with plastic inserts stay cool to the touch.

Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch Stay-Cool™ Knobs
Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch EZ-Glides™ Drip Trays

EZ-Glides™ Drip Trays

Sized for easy handling and cleaning (will fit in most dishwashers).

Infra Broil™

Providing an extra-large broiling area, the gas infrared broiler generates 18,000 BTUs/hr of searing power. For even heat distribution and ease of cleaning, the broiler is covered with ceramic glass.

Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch Infra Broil™
Capital Cooking MCOR304 30 inch TargetTemp™ Convection Cooking

TargetTemp™ Convection Cooking

Our strategically shaped and ducted oven cavity is calibrated for superior airflow. This design creates a more balanced oven temperature and increases cooking efficiency.


Rangetop Standard Features

  • AlphaFlame™ burners are rated at 25,000 BTUs to deliver intense powerful heat.
  • All burners turn down to a 145° F simmer.
  • FineTouch™ simmer burner rated at 8,000 BTUs
  • EZ-Glides™ – Full extension removable drip trays mounted on ball bearing rails.
  • Commercial Quality Cast Iron Grates.
  • Stay-Cool™ – Die cast, chrome plated metal knobs with Black trim (red optional).
  • Auto-ignition/re-ignition on all burners.
  • Island trim included.

Manual Clean Oven Features

  • Large 4.9 cu. ft oven cavity with 4.4 cu. ft usable capacity – 27"W x 15"Hx 21"D.
  • Oven fits full-size commercial cookie sheet (26" x 18")
  • Convection oven with separate Fan On/Off switch
  • 30,000 BTU bake burner for uniform cooking
  • 18,000 BTU Infrared broil burner for perfect searing
  • Five rack positions (2 racks provided)
  • Dual 40 W oven lights provide excellent interior illumination
  • All stainless steel and glass door allows wall-to-wall visibility and
  • easy cleaning
  • Black porcelain with Titanium speck oven interior
  • Front and rear levelers allow 1-1/2" height adjustment
  • Broil Pan provided
  • Oven Modes: Bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, open-door broil

Electrical Ratings

  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Current/power: 20 AMP
  • Frequency: 60 HZ

Gas Ratings

  • Gas Line Pipe: 1/2" Min.
  • Manifold pressure Natural Gas: 5.0" W.C.
  • Manifold pressure Propane: 10" W.C.


  • 0" Clearance base cabinet installation
  • Field convertible to LP or NG depending on gas type
  • ETL certified for USA and Canada
  • Shipping Weight: 430 LBS


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