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Warm Up Your Summer With Free Shipping Storewide and Discounts On Select Products!
Warm Up Your Summer With Free Shipping Storewide and Discounts On Select Products!

Kegco 209 vs 309

The Kegco line of 209 and 309 kegerators are one of Kegco's most popular kegerators. With many different options available, both the 209 and 309 series have a total of 30 different models to choose from. With so many models, how do pick the right one for you? In this guide, we'll look at the entirety of the 2 product lines and simplify them to help you make the right decision for your kegerator purchase.

Kegco 209 series vs 309 Kegerators Quick Comparison

209 Series 309 Series
# of taps 1, 2, or 3 1, 2, or 3
Varieties Regular & Homebrew Regular & Homebrew
Door Finishes Black
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Black Stainless Steel
Dimensions same same
Features same same
Has Deep Chill Function

Kegco 209 Models

# of Taps
Door/Variety 1 Tap 2 Taps 3 Taps
Black K209B-1NK K209B-2NK K209B-3NK
Stainless Steel K209SS-1NK K209SS-2NK K209SS-3NK
Black/Homebrew HBK209B-1NK HBK209B-2NK HBK209B-3NK
Stainless Steel/Homebrew HBK209S-1NK HBK209S-2NK HBK209S-3NK

Kegco 309 Models

Door/Variety 1 Tap 2 Taps 3 Taps
Black K309B-1NK K309B-2NK K309B-3NK
Stainless Steel K309SS-1NK K309SS-2NK K309SS-3NK
Black Stainless Steel K309X-1NK K309X-2NK K309X-3NK
Black/Homebrew HBK309B-1NK HBK309B-2NK HBK309B-3NK
Stainless Steel/
Black Stainless

That's a lot!! Let's take a look at the key differences.

Door Color and Material

All the kegerators in both lines come with the same matte black cabinet. Both come with the choice of a black matte door and a stainless steel door. The 309 series also offers a black stainless steel door. The Black stainless steel door is less likely to show smudges or fingerprints than standard stainless steel, and cleaning is easy without requiring any special polish.

The Deep Chill Function

Other than the option for a black stainless steel door, the 309 series has another feature the 209 does not have: the deep chill function. This function lets you quickly cool down warm kegs. It forces the air compressor to work overtime greatly reducing the amount of time needed to take your beverage to the desired temperature. It should be noted that running the deep chill function for over 24 hours could freeze your kegs.

Homebrew Kegerators vs not homebrew

The Homebrew kegerators assume you either already have some of the key components needed to run a kegerator or would like to choose your own. These components are the keg couplers, regulator, and CO2 tank. The non-homebrew variants include these - they are complete kits coming with everything you need to get your kegerator running and serving drinks.

Air Lines and Digital Thermostats

The different models didn't have a pattern for which kegerators came with air line tubing and digital or manual thermostats. You'd need to check each specific model to see what they come with.

Other Features

All other features of the kegerators are the same across all models. They all come with casters, a draft tower, drip, tray, and a guard rail. All of them are for free standing use and are not built-in capable. They come with no security lock and are not designed for outdoor or commercial use. In regards to all other features, they are identical.

The Right Kegco Kegerator For You

After looking thru the two product lines, the key decision points you need to look for are:
1. What kind of door finish do you want? If you want Black stainless steel, the 309 series is for you, otherwise, either will do.
2. Will you need the deep chill function? If you think you'll never need it, go for the 209. Otherwise, get a 309.
3. Do you want a complete kit or not? Get a homebrew version if you already have some key components or want to choose your own, otherwise get a non-homebrew version for a complete kegerator system.
4. How many taps do you want? Both series offer 1, 2, or 3 tap towers across their varieties.

After you've decided on those 4 points, you should know the exact 209 or 309 kegerator is for you. You can shop among our Kegco 209 or 309 kegerators below or see all of our kegerators for sale.


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    Introducing the K209B-1NK Keg Beer Cooler from Kegco! This high-quality beer keg dispenser stores your kegs in a sleek all-black cabinet and includ...

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